Why Should You Read This?

Walk into any Lawyer or Doctor’s office, and there’s one thing you’ll inevitably see: a diploma.  No matter how the room is decorated, proof of education will always be displayed proudly, usually framed and hanging on the wall behind whoever you’ve come to see so that you can’t help but glance at it every so often over his or her shoulder.  One reason for this is to justify the exorbitant fee you’re about to pay, but more than anything it’s a way to establish credibility.  Diplomas are a sign that this professional you’re about to consult spent years dedicated to learning how to do the job you’re about to ask him or her to do.  “This guy knows what he’s talking about,” they say, “listen to him.”

At this point, you may or may not have started to wonder: where’s my credibility?  What qualifications do I have that justify you taking time out of your day to read what I post?  After all, I’m not a Ph.D. student focusing on gender or an expert video game designer or a tenured political science professor.  I’m not an authority figure.

What I am, however, is thoughtful.  If the droves of philosophy and English classes I’ve taken throughout high school and college have done anything for me, (and I firmly believe they have) they’ve given me the ability to think and write critically on just about anything, from the significance of casting Idris Elba as James Bond to the moral implications of McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin’” advertising campaign.  I also have a wide range of interests, which means that there will be plenty of variety here.

But variety and intelligence alone aren’t enough, so I’ll make you a promise: I will put time and care into this blog.  If I can’t talk about something thoughtfully and intelligently, I won’t.  If I need to do research to understand a topic, I will.  I will spend as much time as is necessary on every post to craft something well written, thoughtful, and engaging.  I will never blow off a post, and I will never treat you as if you don’t deserve my full attention and effort.  I believe that I have a duty to everyone who reads this blog, as many or few of you as that may be, and I will take that duty seriously.  

So no, I'm not an authority figure.  But that doesn't mean I can't speak with authority.

Here’s to the weekend,