10 Little Things I Love About Spring

Winter is finally ending up north.  The snow (most of it at least) is melting, the days are getting longer, and I can finally stand in the sun and feel like it makes me warmer.  At times like these it’s worth it to spend a few moments taking stock of some of the good things in life, especially the ones small enough to escape our notice sometimes.  So, in honor of spring and taking some time to be grateful for the little things in life, here are ten small things I’ve come to appreciate over the past few weeks.

1.     Putting my boots away- Ditching clunky, protective winter shoes for sneakers or flip-flops feels downright liberating.

2.     Rain- This isn’t just because if it’s raining then it’s too warm to snow or hail, which is definitely great.  It’s because I really love the rain, whether it’s accompanying schoolwork or sports, and spring brings plenty of it.

3.     Green- You almost forget the color exists during winter, which is a shame because it’s one of my favorites.  The first glimpse of grass under the snow is a wonderful reminder that the color exists, but also something rather inspiring.  If the grass can survive all of this, then so can I.

4.     Leaves- There’s something so barren and lifeless about a tree with no leaves.  It’s beautiful, yes, but in the same way that a fossil can be beautiful: graceful and imposing, but ultimately lifeless.  Watching the leaves come back feels, to me, like what I imagine watching a fossil step out of the rocks would, but with less shock and awe.

5.     Playing sports outside- Spending so much time playing sports indoors during the winter makes it all too easy to forget just how wonderful it is to get dirty and sweaty under the sun.  It so much more carefree and downright fun, exactly what casual sports are supposed to be.

6.     Short Showers- Over the winter, it wasn’t at all rare for me to spend a solid half hour in the shower, just to avoid getting out and getting cold for as long as possible.  Now that the weather is finally warming up, I don’t have to be afraid of freezing in the bathroom.  If only I used that extra half hour for work.

7.     Hammocks- Few things are as therapeutic and relaxing as lying in a Hammock for an hour or so with a good book.  With the advent of spring and warm weather, this is finally possible again.

8.     Spring Fling- This is less about the massive party most colleges have to mark spring, and more about the possibility of events like concerts or performances happening outside.  There’s something wonderfully festive about it.

9.     Animals- One of the strangest things about northern winters to a Miami boy is that all the animals disappear.  The world simply seems a bit more desolate and lonely without them.  Watching them return is like being reminded that the world is a lively and wonderfully full place.

10.  Anticipation- Spring is a time that seems built for looking forward.  The world is slowly coming back to life after a long hibernation, the word is getting brighter and warmer, and the wonder of summer is just around the corner.  There’s a feeling of energy and excitement in the air, a feeling that good things are coming.  That’s the greatest gift this season gives us, the feeling of not just anticipation, but of joyful anticipation.  The feeling that the world can be, no matter what else might have happened, a good place.