An Update

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my last post, the school year is winding down, which means that there's more work than ever before.  Because of this I haven't been able to give my blog enough attention, which means that there's no post for today.  In its place, I'm going to just post a short update about my life and the pieces I mentioned last Friday.  Enjoy!

So the short story has been posted to my portfolio, under the name "Revelation Revisited."  Check it out!  The video of my most recent slam still isn't in my possession yet, I'm going to try to get my hands on it over this coming weekend.  As for the Opening Ceremony project, that's currently taking up the vast majority of my time every day.  I hope to have the rough draft finished by tomorrow, and then get some editing done on Sunday and Monday as I study for the two finals I have on Monday.  The project is also due that same Monday, which means that as long as I make it through the day I'll be done with my school year.  Then it's all about packing on Tuesday and flying home on Wednesday to enjoy a few days of sunshine before work begins.  I can't wait to be someplace warm again (seriously, it's May and it's going to drop to 42 degrees tonight, what is that madness).  For everyone who's got finals coming up, good luck.  You can make it, no matter how much that might not feel true sometimes.  For everyone who doesn't have finals coming up, just keep on doing you.

Here's to the weekend (if you get one)