Why Do I Do This?

Hi everyone,

In the early days of this  blog, I published two posts introducing myself and the blog to my readers. The first of these posts discussed the blog itself: what it was about and when I would post. The second discussed me: who I was, what I was putting into this blog, and why I was worth listening to. Recently, however, I realized that in writing those two posts I neglected to discuss something just as important as what my blog is or why you should read it: why am I writing it?

This questions isn't an easy one to answer. After all, I’ve said before that my blog has no specific focus or topic.  I’m not championing a certain cause, raising awareness for a particular social issue, or combatting a specific societal problem. Because of this, my purpose or end goal isn’t clear-cut. I’m not writing this blog to help end gendered pay disparity or racial profiling or body shaming (though I do believe in all of those causes and support anyone who does champion them), because I simply won’t be very good at that. I don’t have the experiences or personal connection to these issues necessary to write as effectively or powerfully about them on a consistent basis as others can.

There is, however, something I can speak to powerfully and effectively every week: the interesting. I am, and always have been, a curious person, always reading or asking questions, exploring everything I didn't know. That curiosity stems from a conviction that I want to share with anyone who reads my blog: the world and the people in it are all remarkably interesting, and deserves truly thoughtful consideration. That’s my goal: to help my readers see the world as the wonderfully interesting place it is, and to perhaps make them a little more thoughtful about it and the people they inhabit it with. Because if we are just a little more thoughtful, about ourselves, each other, and this beautiful world we all live in, then maybe some good will follow.

With excitement and optimism,