More New Pieces!

Hi Guys,

Another semester has come to a close, which means that once again I’ve finished up plenty of work, some of which is perfect for my website. In the next few weeks, I plan to drop between two and five new pieces on the "My Work" page of this site. They're some of my best work, and i really loved what being an english major has allowed me to do this semester.

Before I talk about that, though, I just wanted to mention that the “My Work” page has a new layout! Instead of being a somewhat confusing slideshow that tells very little about what each piece actually is, it’s been converted into something of a gallery layout, where a short description of each piece can be found beneath a photo that represents it. For the slam poetry videos this is a thumbnail image, for the projects it's a cover photo, and for the stories it's a quote I’m particularly fond of. If you haven’t checked it out you definitely should!

Now, on to what work I’ll be adding to the site in the next few days! At the time that this post goes live, two pieces have already been added. The first is a series of short stories I wrote as a final project for Literature For Young People that I’m incredibly happy with, and the second an animated short idea promoting Blizzard’s new game Overwatch, which I’m incredibly excited about. Hopefully there will be a slam poetry video from the end of this semester to join them, and perhaps another from last semester, since I might be getting my hands on the video from out Fall Showcase. Finally, I’m definitely hoping to post a campaign Idea I had for Under Armor in the next few weeks. It’s been a busy few months that have ended up giving me plenty that I'm happy with, and I’m definitely excited to share some of the fruits of my labors with you all.

I hope you can check it out, and I definitely hope you enjoy it!

With Excitement and optimism,