Hi Everyone!

Have you missed these updates about the future of this website? I know I haven’t, and thankfully it’s been about three months since I last posted one. But the summer is fading away and the school year is starting, which means that plenty has happened since my last update that actually effects this site. So, with that being said, there are two things that will be happening in the next few weeks that are worth sharing with you guys.

    First off, I’m going to be adding a new piece to the “my work” page. Over the summer I interned at an Advertising Agency, working on a project to increase voter registration and turnout among young voters. It was a long, exhausting, and stressful process, but also a rewarding and exhilarating one, and I’m incredibly happy with what our team of interns managed to produce. Our work should be uploaded to the site within the next week or two. 

    Second, I’m proud to announce a completely new page coming to the site! As an aspiring writer, one of the most rewarding things that can happen to me is getting my work published in independent literary magazines. With the publishing of one of my pieces in an online literary magazine about a week ago, I’ve now had two pieces of mine published, which feels like enough that I’m justified in adding a page to his website where I’ll be showcasing my published work. As more of my pieces (hopefully) get published, I’ll add them to the page. Check it out, and I hope you enjoy!

    With excitement and optimism,