Next Steps

Hi everyone! As you’re all surely aware, last week marked the end of my most recent series of posts, which means that I’m currently in something of an in-between place. I don’t have anything that I'm certainly talking about now, and changes in my life are leading to some slight changes in how I’m running this blog. As such, I thought I would use this moment to talk a bit about where we are now and where we’re going to be moving forward. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to normal content next week!

First things first, I’m going to be posting to this blog every Monday moving forward. I’m sure that by now this has become obvious to anyone regularly reading, but it’s worth it to clarify a bit here. Given the weekday demands of work and general life, it’s difficult for me to be able to work on a thoughtful, well written, and engaging post that I also have ample time to edit by Friday night. Switching my posting day to Monday allows me to work on each post over the weekend, get in some light editing on an as-needed basis on Mondays, so that I can produce better work for all of you.

In terms of where this blog is going moving forward, the next 8-week series has been decided! I’m calling it “close-reading everything,” and in it I’m going to be doing deep dives on great moments texts that don’t normally receive close readings. As similar as this might sound to my first series of posts, the differences are substantial. Whereas “Things ‘You Never Notice You Noticed” was all about linking tiny moments in texts to larger themes creators have in mind like stereotyping and world-building, this will focus far more on close-reading moments in and of themselves, exploring them in the context of the work they’re in an nothing more. It’s a fun prospect, and I can’t wait to start it off next Monday. And with that, see you all next week!

With excitement and optimism,