Changes, Past and Future

Hi, everyone!

This week it has, as it sometimes does, come time for me to update my (fewer than five) readers on any exciting changes that have recently happened or will soon happen to my website. The past few weeks have been a bit action-packed both for this website and for my life outside of it, and in the hectic action, I haven’t thought to talk about the changes I've made until now. So here you go, and as always, fear not! We shall return to our regular postings next week.

First off, there have been a few new projects added to the “my work” page! As always, the end of a semester brings with it final projects that I am proud of and think are worth including on my site. The end of this past semester, though, has also brought with it the Alex-needs-to-find-a-job scramble of post-college life, which has predicated a need to put out some of my more professional work. Because of this, I’ve actually added three different projects to the “My Work” section of this site. One is a final project for an English class involving the visualization of fantasy in Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, while two others are projects that I've worked on in a professional capacity. Enjoy! 

Another potential change coming to the site will actually be affecting this blog! For a while now I’ve been considering giving this blog a theme, and am currently juggling two possibilities in my head. The first idea would be titled something along the lines of “Things You Never Noticed You Noticed,” and would discuss small moments in films or books or the media that constantly surrounds us, trying to draw attention to the way the world we experience is often constructed consciously and by a series of very careful, artistic choices. The second idea, as yet untitled, would be something more along the lines of tackling important everyday questions like race, gender, sexuality and a whole host of other from the perspective of someone who’s had to come from a place of immense privilege and learn all the ways in which others do not share it. There are reasons for choosing each format that I’ll discuss next week, but I wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to opine. 

That’s all I’ve got for this week, folks! Let me know if you have an opinion on the direction my blog should take, and I’ll see you all next Friday.

With excitement and optimism,