Choices Have Been Made!

Hi Everyone!

I know the past few weeks have basically been the ballad of Alex’s indecision, with my posts largely lacking substance while I discussed all the things I was thinking of doing with this website and blog. Today, however, I can say with confidence that you’re reading the last one of these, because I’ve decided what to do! To anyone who wanted me to definitively choose one option or the other, I’ll have to apologize in advance for disappointing you. I won’t be going one permanent direction or another with this blog, but I still will be taking some time to devote my blog to each of my discussed themes, in turns.

Essentially, I’ll be doing short series on each theme, focusing on each for about eight weeks. I’ll start by focusing on “Things You Never Noticed you Noticed,” and move to my other theme after. This is a great way to dig in and really explore certain themes that I think deserve more time and effort, while still allowing myself the flexibility to tackle other themes or posts when the series have finished. And who knows? If these series are well received enough and if I like them enough, I may just find myself doing more series on a great many topics. 

I’m excited for the new directions I’m going to be taking, and thank you for staying with me through all this indecision and vacillation. Next week, we begin!

With Excitement and optimism,