Pick and Choose

Hi, everyone!

As I mentioned last week, I’m considering establishing a theme for my blog. There are a few reasons I think this is a good idea, mostly related to providing consistency and solving the problem of what I call "down weeks," in which I don't feel particularly inspired about my topic. Today, I wanted to talk a little about the two possible directions I could take, what my blog would look like under these themes, and why I’m considering each one. This is by no means a foregone conclusion, and I may well choose to keep my blog as meandering as it so far has been, but I wanted to discuss Pros and Cons and allow you all to weigh in if you wanted.

The first possible direction, which I’m calling “Things You Never Noticed You Noticed,” is born out of the idea that the worlds that we experience all around us aren't the way they are simply by chance or coincidence. Instead, the worlds we interact with was shaped by a series of careful choices, a great many of them artistic. In my blog, I would shed light on these small artistic choices that shape our world and the worlds we experience, covering everything from movies to the advertising that surrounds us every day. This direction has the advantage of being something that I can claim a certain level of expertise about. I’ve always been an excellent close-reader, after all, and this kind of analysis is pretty much exactly the kind of thing being an English major prepared me for. However, it has the disadvantage of not feeling quite as meaningful as the other possible direction I could take. 

That direction would be to discuss topics that are difficult for straight, white men like me to grasp, issues of race and gender and sexuality and oppression. I would approach these topics from the angle that I, as a straight white man, have had to learn through various interactions, much humbling, and a healthy dose honest introspection. What this approach has going for it is the fact that it’s undeniably something important to write about, and the thought that approaching these topics from this angle would allow me a perspective that might be somewhat unique, and speak to those who most need to hear these messages. However, I’m leery about doing something just because I think it’s meaningful, and I also know that there are so many other blogs who handle these topics, likely in a more powerful way than I could ever hope to.

It is, of course, also possible that I’ll simply decide to eschew a theme altogether and continue doing what I’m currently doing with my blog. To a certain extent I enjoy the freedom to tackle any topic that not having a theme gives me, and I do currently deal with my two possible themes with some frequency. However, I also sometimes worry about meandering too much and feel a desire to hone in on a single theme, and I wanted to let you all know what’s on my mind in terms of direction and give you an opportunity to discuss with me if you wanted. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments?

With excitement and optimism,