Another Detour! Buick's Continued Evolution

Hi everyone! I know this is a diversion from our regularly scheduled programming, but I wanted to check in quickly because something I predicted a few months ago on this blog post has - kind of - come to pass! Natalie has been on me for a while to do this blog post, so here goes nothing. Enjoy, and we return to "Funnier Than You Realized" next Monday.

To recap quickly, all the way back on January 15th, as part of my "Close-Reading Everything" blog post series, I published a post on Buick's self-aware advertising campaign, which I mentioned had been telling one continuing story, that of the brand's evolution, since 2014, a pretty remarkable undertaking from any brand, let alone a car manufacturer's commercials. As part of that blog post, I predicted the following: 

sometime in the next few years, Buick will run a new ad campaign that completes the narrative, in which people confronted with a sleek and stylish new car are no longer confused and can instantly recognize that it’s a Buick.
— (is it the height of narcissism to quote myself? Maybe!)

I predicted that this would be the fulfillment of the years-long story they were telling about their brand, and bring the arc to a satisfying conclusion. Buick, of course, because they're a successful company decades old and not a (albeit smart) 23-year-old scribbling his thoughts on the internet, decided to do this a bit better than I'd anticipated when they released the following video in order to promote their new, larger, lineup:

There's a few particular things of interest in this video. For one, it's fun to recognize that this ad begins with a valet attendant taking a couple's car, which should remind us of one thing very specifically:

The video that launched this whole endeavor also heavily featured a valet attendant scrambling to find a Buick, which he couldn't recognize. This time around? Oh, he's well aware that the sleek, stylish sports car is a Buick, but he's shocked to see the roomier, more utility-based car is also a Buick. This is a perfect encapsulation of the message that the company is trying to send: "you were surprised by how good our new lineup looked, but you've gotten used to it. Well, we're about to surprise you again. But don't worry, we know you'll roll with it. You're used to being surprised by Buick."

That none of the characters in the ad ever dispute whether the surprising new car is a Buick is also an important part of the ad. The people in this video, in other words, are not surprised to be surprised by Buick, and can recognized the new car immediately as fitting into the Buick mold. In short, this is the perfect continuation of an ad campaign based around the idea that Buick's new direction is a welcome surprise.

In truth, though, all of this is just to say one specific thing. Hah! I was right! See my brilliance on full display!

With excitement and optimism,