Painting The Town Blue: My Work At Priorities USA In 2018

Starting in July of 2018, I worked as a Content Writer for Priorities USA, a digital agency dedicated to advancing progressive values and increasing civic engagement in America. Through the second half of the year I wrote copy for a variety of initiatives and target audience, each with a distinct tone and goal, and helped Priorities make waves in the political world.


With this election set to have a profound impact on the course of our country’s future, one of the most important goals of any organization is motivating voters to participate in our democracy. I was one of the main voices driving Prioritie's’ motivation messaging on digital and social and speaking to the diverse body of potential voters.

Social Ads

Bringing my ability to adapt my tone and style to whatever a client and project require, I created copy and crafted design concepts for static and GIF social ads unique for each target demographic that would stand out in their feeds while speaking authentically to them.




Of course, even the potential voters who don’t engage with social media are worth motivating to vote, so I also wrote copy and created design concepts for banners that would draw eyes in a crowded digital world.

Website copy

Do help convince those who clicked on our ads to register and vote come November, we directed them to landing pages that were tailored specifically to them and the issues that mattered the most to them, engaging them authentically and powerfully.

Video Scripts 

To speak specifically to the Latinx audience, I spent my very first day at Priorities USA crafting engaging and unique scripts that truly staked Priorities’ claim in the digital world.


Besides the above content, I also worked on any digital odds and ends that Priorities required, including search copy, election-day tweets, custom comics, and much more.


During my time at Priorities USA, I also worked extensively on the Senate race between Bill Nelson and Rick Scott, fighting to ensure Rick Scott’s career in Florida politics ended after his time in Tallahassee. I was a driving voice in defining the way that Bill Nelson would speak to his constituents online, both the general and Latinx audiences.

Social Ads

To help bring Bill Nelson to life for a Florida that was largely unaware of him, I wrote copy and crafted design concepts for social ads straddling the line between speaking to voters in the authentic language of social media without sounding dated or insincere coming from Nelson’s campaign. At the same time, I also worked to show Floridians that Rick Scott was prioritizing his own gains over their wellbeing.


To help convince voters outside of social media, I also wrote copy and created design concepts for a variety of banners on a wide diversity of issues and aimed at various targets.

Website Copy

When it comes to politics, issues can be as complex as they are meaningful, and striking a balance between emotional appeal and the facts is a central challenge, and one that I tackled when I wrote copy for multiple websites designed to show the differences between Bill Nelson and Rick Scott.


Many of the posts that I created were some of Priorities’ most successful pieces of content that the company presented. Much of the work I did was also compiled in Priorities’ “best of” case studies.

Overall, our work likely had a powerful impact on the Florida Senate race, where Bill Nelson’s support among Floridians slowly grew higher and higher while our ads were running. When our ads began running he was polling around forty-five percent, and by election day he was actually in the lead in most polls. This culminated in a race that is currently so close it is going to be recounted by hand, even though a huge number of Floridians were completely unfamiliar with Bill Nelson mere months before the election.