Singing Machine Flash Campaign


On July 16th, 2015, Amazon celebrated its first Prime Day. One of the clients I was working with as an intern that summer, The Singing Machine, had two products featured that day, the Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal, and the HOME 2.0. At around 2:45 that day, a representative of The Singing Machine called the company I was working for, asking for a series of posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote the sales. The catch? The HOME 2.0 was going on sale at 4:00, the Pedestal had already been on sale for two hours, and everyone on the team except the agency's account manager and I was unable to participate. The following social media campaign was designed and implemented entirely over the following two hours by her and I.


The first tweet of the campaign needed to capture prospective buyers attention. Since the phrase "attention shoppers" is the stereotypical phrase shopping malls use to alert customers to important information, people are instinctively driven to respond to it. The following information in the tweet was also designed to create a sense of urgency in prospective customers.

Saying that "Amazon can't get enough" of the product and drawing attention to the the singing machine HOME's awards reinforced the desirable nature of the products.

Shining a light on how quickly the Singing Machine HOMEs were selling out made the product appear desirable and conveyed a sense of urgency among prospective customers.

The word "home" has a special significance for mothers, who are thinking of the proper way to raise their children, as well as millennials, many of whom are graduating college and moving into homes on their own for the first time in their lives. Because of this, playing off the product's name, HOME, was a good way to give the product more emotional value to the customers.

The goal for this tweet was to alert customers to the selling out of the pedestal in a manner that celebrated the appeal of the machine instead of making customers upset if they didn't buy one.


This visual was the first designed as part of the campaign. The goal was to showcase the product alongside a quip that made the product seem respected and desired, which was accomplished with the phrase "Amazon loves us too!" This visual was also used in a Facebook post, shown below. The copy then delivered a sense of urgency by highlighting how many of the units were gone. 

This visual was the second designed for the campaign, and the first designed for the Singing Machine HOME. My initial thought with the text on the graphic was to play off of the meaning of the product's name, because the word "home" has powerful implications for both mothers, who are thinking of raising their kids in their homes, as well as millennials, who are graduating college and moving into homes of their own for the first time. I settled on the phrase "the best home you'll ever buy" because "buy" is a strong action word. This visual was also used in a Facebook post, shown below. The copy then spoke to how desirable the HOME was.

This visual was the third designed for the campaign, and the second designed for the Sining Machine HOME. Once the initial inspiration to play on the meaning of the name HOME hit, we proposed using other prominent phrases that involved the world "home," such as "home sweet home" or "home is where the heart is." We settled on the phrase "There's no place like home" because of how iconic the phrase is, and the way it favorably compares "home" to everywhere else in the world. This visual was also used in a tweet, shown above, and Facebook post, shown below. The copy then continued the theme of playing on the meaning of the word "home" for millennials and mothers, and conveyed urgency.


This post used the first visual developed in the campaign, and imparted a sense of urgency by highlighting how few pedestals were left.

This post used the first visual playing off the word "home" and also highlighted how quickly the device was selling out to impart a sense of urgency.

This post used the "no place like home visual" as well as the idea of making a house a home in order to increase the emotional value of the product. It also produced a sense of urgency by highlighting how quickly the product was selling out.

Metrics and Impact


We posted 5 times to Facebook. 4/5 posts were dedicated to Prime Day. We reached a total of 2,295 people and gained 24 new fans. 

Our boosted post on Facebook reached 1,796 people and resulted in 15 click throughs. Total spent: $10. 


Twitter performed best because we used trending hashtag (#primday), gaining us great exposure and click throughs. 11/13 posts were dedicated to Prime Day. We gained new followers including one individual with 246K followers, two mommy bloggers with 70+K followers and another blogger with 75K followers.

We promoted a pin on Twitter for $10. It reached 1,149 people and resulted in 12 click throughs. 


We posted 5 times to Instagram. 4/5 were dedicated to Prime Day and we gained a couple followers. 

In Sum

64.7K potential users saw an interaction with one of our usernames this week. 112 interactions happened by 103 unique users.