About Alex

Alex is a professional writer living and working in New York City, who sometimes claims to be 5’8” even though most days 5’7” is a generous overestimate, and who was rumored to have read every book in his elementary school’s library. He still believes this is the greatest renown he will ever achieve. He was born in London, England and raised in Miami, which makes his current home country, The United States, the third one he's lived in so far.

Throughout his four years of professional advertising copywriting, Alex has worked in a vast range of media including video, print, and social/digital platforms of all kinds, for clients as diverse as Orchid farms, Broadway shows, Fortune 500 companies, and Democratic political campaigns. At the same time, he has continued to write in a wide variety of other mediums, including spoken-word poetry and short stories, and is currently exploring comics writing, which has been a passion of his for years.

No matter the medium or client, however, Alex brings a cheerful energy and relentless passion for stories to any project he works on, and delights in crafting copy and tales that engage, challenge, and delight any audience.